DutchM supports companies to accelerate their Digital Strategy. Our teams broad experience ranges from Multinational ERP rollouts to Agile low code deployments. We help design and implement. For digital strategy consulting, program management, and the best enterprise apps, contact us today.
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Digital Strategy Consulting

At DutchM, we don’t simply build and deploy top-of-the-line apps; we also create enterprise application strategies that improve your company’s digital operations from top to bottom. After all, a strong application strategy is a must in the modern era, allowing your company to increase operational efficiency and productivity.

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to application strategy. Every company needs a unique digital plan tailored to their exact needs. That’s why we join forces with your leadership team to identify how you define value, crafting a comprehensive digital strategy that aligns with your business objectives.

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Program Management

Program & Project Management is in our DNA. Our professionals deliver large multinational programmes over multiple years or fast scaling agile projects with multiple sprints delivering in weeks.

We believe multidisciplinary teams working close together with your business representatives deliver the best results in the shortest timeframes.

We focus on the outcomes and benefits, not on contracts and methodologies.

Enterprise Application Development

A well-crafted digital strategy is critical to the success of your business. Our unique, application-driven technology and ‘Business First Approach’ create a winning formula and quality app development. We believe in Lego like approaches, building standard process solutions in platforms like Mendix reusing what has been build before. We also focus on keeping your SAp or other ERP systems ' clean' by migrating truly required customizations to Mendix, thereby facilitating your next upgrade.

Low code software

  • Standard components
  • Easy to build
  • Low time to market
  • Reusable blueprints
  • Reuse of industry knowledge
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About DutchM

DutchM was formed by senior professionals that are known for delivering complex, multinational and technology driven programmes, to achieve maximum outcome for their clients.

New low-code technology, and agile methodologies can help, if implemented by independent, best in class, professionals who can capture and leverage knowledge and industry templates.

We are a dutch-based digital transformation company serving the Netherlands and beyond. We execute a “Business First” approach to enterprise application development, cutting-edge custom software and digital solutions that drive revenue, profits, and cost reductions.